- emotto -

24時間で一つの作品を作り上げるハッカソン「Yahoo Hack Day 2017」にて作成。

“Emotto” was created in the hackathon "Yahoo Hack Day 2017" where we are expected to come up with a product within 24hrs.
Forgetting to take a selfie of everyone having a great time drinking out, then in the next morning there are not much memories from that night.
"I forgot to take a photo" is a problem this product solves.
This product "emotto" is a special photographer you leave on a table in a bar and it takes photos and videos at random timings.
it calls for a picture saying "Hey guys! I'll take a picture/movie" and then shares it in the chat or SNS.

TEAM MEMBER : Ono Ryonosuke, Takeda Yuki, Nomura Ryohei, Miyazaki Daigo

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