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ME310/SUGAR is a nine month innovation program that originated in Stanford University and expanded globally, where students from schools around the world collaborate on a loosely defined project topic provided by corporate partners.
This products were made in this workshop.
The theme from our cooperative company “Tarkett” based in Paris was “Development of flooring system to help elderly and their care taker”
We tackled this theme with Paris students.

We conducted interviews to some caretakers at elderly care facilities and elderly at shopping malls to know the hidden needs of caretakers.
We also volunteered at care facilities to understand and experience a caretaker’s work.
From these activities, we realized some hidden needs of caretakers.
To test these needs were truly certain or not, we made many kinds of prototypes and conducted user test to caretakers and elderly.

Finally, we focused in the serious problem ; Elderly residents 70 and above are three times more likely to die within six months following a fall.
To tackle this global problems of elderly fall, we have build “Floor in Motion Connect”.
・A modular flooring solution embedded with sensors that can be connected in desired dimensions to meet the individual needs of elderly residents.
・Customisable surface designs, FIMconnect can easily integrate into the room’s aesthetic.
・FIMconnect detects & prioritises elderly movement so that caretakers can prevent falls in a timely manner.

Through interviews and volunteering, we understood the needs of caretakers that they themselves didn’t realize and We created this prototype.

TEAM MEMBER : Ono Ryonosuke, Takeda Yuki, Joey Ho Nihei
Gabrielle Sergt, Celine Brunel, Romain Dld, William Wattequant
Photo: KYOTO Design Lab

ME310/SUGAR レポート1
ME310/SUGAR レポート2

Skills : DesignThinking/Prototype/

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