- Puchi Pocket -

Kyoto Design Labにて2016年8月29日~9月2日に行われた英国王立芸術大学(RCA)との共同ワークショップ
『Intelligent textile for Healthcare,Well-Being & Sports Contexts 』

“Puchi Pocket” was created in a Royal College of Art (RCA) and Kyoto Design Lab workshop titled “Intelligent textile for Healthcare,Well-Being & Sports Contexts ” for giving new innovative solution to the healthcare field by using textile. We came up with this product inspired by my personal experience when I got a flu right after a big earthquake hit Japan “Han‐Shin Awaji Earthquake disaster” in 1993.

Considering that mass infection can occur at the time of declining immunity, we thought that supplying moisture and nutrients efficiently to evacuation centers would prevent mass infection.

To tackle this problem, we created innovative bubble wrap to carry water bottles and nutritions to the shelter. This product contains water, nutrition capsule and meals in each big bubble for each person to carry. Up til now, we had to carry plastic bottles and meals separately for a lot of people. By using this, we can effectively carry them all together by tearing this “Puchi Pocket” for each person. After consumption of the contents, “Puchi Pocket” can be reused as a blanket to prevent from the cold. Thorough this workshop, we developed ideas and systems. And We also made many kinds of prototypes.

Skills : Prototyping/Workshop

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